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The books below are presented in the order they were written.

loves-theater-icon-01Stage Door – Love’s Theater
Theater lighting designer Jess Merrow returns to her hometown after her husband leaves her for something younger and blonder from the chorus line. Longing for a simpler life away from glare of the spotlights and the silly hours of her job, Jess connects with old friends who convince her that the best way to rebuild her life is to dive right in. “New life, new show, new man,” they say, and they have just the right man all lined up.

But as anyone who’s trod the boards knows, a theatrical life is never as glamorous as it sounds. In fact, it can be downright embarrassing, as Jess quickly discovers when a favor for a friend finds her wrapped in nothing but a sheet, on stage, with the eyes of the whole town on her – to say nothing about that ‘new man’ who is watching from the wings.

Jess needs to find herself, save her daughter from the greedy clutches of her ex, and stage manage a production of Oklahoma all while trying to learn whether or not her heart is ready to love again. But the script she seems to be working from is full of mayhem, mishap and embarrassment…

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playing-dead-icon-01Stage Door – Playing Dead

When Adam’s friends dare him to spend a night alone in a haunted theater they joke that he might not make it through the night. “Don’t let the ghost of old Tom Stilton get you,” they laugh and lock the door.

The following morning, Adam is dead.

Kath Cherry has trouble on her hands. The leading man in the Goose Meadow Bay Players’ next production has been murdered leaving the show without a romantic lead. The theater ghost is the prime suspect until Kath notices a drop of blood in the depths of the orchestra pit. Of course, there’s no knowing what musicians get up to down there, but Kath has her suspicions.

In this cozy mystery set in the mad, crazy world of community theater, Kath not only needs to find out who has murdered the show’s main love interest, but calm the nerves of the rest of the cast, keep the theater ghost under control, take the helm when the director jumps ship, and find a new leading man.

Can Kath discover the killer, or is the murderer rewriting the script for her too?

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cue-to-a-kill-icon-01Stage Door: A Cue to a Kill

Backstage at the last night performance of the murder-mystery play “Bone Chiller,” a real life killer is stalking the corridors of the theater.

The Goose Meadow Bay Players’ Halloween production has been declared an artistic success by enthralled audiences, but onstage and backstage the cast and crew are just a little bit bored.

On the last night, one of the actors has a great idea to liven things up and everything seems harmless enough, but then an attempt is made on one actor’s life. Not long after that, another goes missing.

With the audience’s laughter ringing in their ears, the cast are more intent on stardom than finding the potential murderer lurking amongst them. Can Kath keep the show running, the cast safe and make sure the killer sticks to the script?

This is a cozy mystery short read in the Stage Door series.

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art-of-murder-icon-01Stage Door – The Art of Murder

A Regency Ball, a production of Les Miserables, two antique silver candlesticks – and a dead body.

Goose Meadow Bay’s favorite amateur sleuth has trouble on her hands. Kath Cherry is directing a production of Les Miserables, showing her art at the local gallery, running her busy cafe and preparing an Historical Re-enactment for the Stilton’s Ghost Festival. She might be getting used it by now, but she really doesn’t need another dead body to complicate things!

Soon Kath finds herself investigating two separate murders – the victim who takes a blow to the head in the middle of the Regency Ball, and the two hundred year old mystery of Stilton’s Ghost. Is it possible the two are related?

To make matters worse, Kath’s uptight cousin and detective sergeant on the case has forbidden her from seeing her new hunky boyfriend – the gorgeous Officer Steele – on the grounds that she’s a potential suspect. And this is right after seeing him dressed as Mr Darcy! One of her best friends has stolen police evidence, Les Mis takes to the stage in just five days, and bizarrely, the cast and crew are bringing weapons to rehearsal.

There’s drama, mayhem, humor and backstage shenanigans – but can Kath discover the killer before it’s too late?

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Stage Door - Stage Fright - Lilian Watts

Stage Door – Stage Fright


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#HavensValleyThe Havens Valley Series

Lilian Watts - A Peach Season MurderHavens Valley – A Peach Season Murder

It’s the height of a scorching Australian summer, the peaches are hanging heavy on the trees and the tiny town of Havens Valley is bustling with the harvest. Trish Winters runs the small general store in the middle of town and prides herself on knowing every single resident of the valley.

But murder comes to even the most beautiful places in the world, and Havens Valley is no exception. When her friend is found dead in the post office, Trish has a number of mysteries on her hands: which of her friends and neighbours is a killer? is that gorgeous police sergeant actually chatting her up? does happiness come from all around or deep inside? and will the murderer strike again?

Murder in Peach Season is a SHORT READ of 13,000 words.

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Lilian Watts - Pickled to DeathHavens Valley – Pickled to Death

Organic Produce, Chutney, Candyfloss and Murder. What is going on at the Greenethorpe Country Farmer’s Markets?

Trish Winter and her assistant Milly are setting up their weekly produce stall at the local Makers and Growers Markets and the usual culprits are jostling for prime position around the school yard. Sheep farmer and oldtimer Albert Taylor surprises everyone when he turns up at the market spruiking a dubious looking cauliflower chutney. The locals are unimpressed.

When old Albert is discovered in the back of his van, beaten to death by his own pickles, Trish needs to identify the killer before her close-knit community turns its suspicions on itself. As Trish quickly discovers, the victim had precious few friends, and too many enemies. Will Trish find the killer amongst some of her closest friends?

This is a SHORT READ set in a small Australian country town. It is a cozy mystery and a clean read.

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